Exercise During Pregnancy : Avoids Pain At Delivery

Strengthening The Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy

The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles which supports the intestines, urinary bladder and womb. During pregnancy, this muscular floor stretches and weakens, and with the hammock of muscles weight of the baby, you feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Some urine may also escape sometimes on running, sneezing or laughing. The pelvic floor, if exercised regularly, will not pose these problems. These exercises can be done lying down, sitting or standing.

Pelvic floor exercises while lying down Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. Tighten the muscles, squeezing as if topping a stream of urine. Draw your vagina in, pause, and then pull it in again till you can go no further. Hold for a moment and then let go. Repeat this ten times, at least thrice a day.

• Squatting with a chair : Exercise During Pregnancy

This strengthens your back, and makes your thighs and pelvis more flexible. The blood flow to the lower part of the body is improved and, during delivery, your legs can be kept apart more easily, and for a longer time, without cramps. With your back straight, bring your feet together, keeping your heels close to your body. Grasp your ankles and press your thighs . down with your elbows. You can feel the stretching in your thighs. Hold them there for 20 seconds, release, and repeat several times. Cushions may be used if it is difficult for you to sit without them.

* Squatting : Exercise During Pregnancy
Squatting makes pelvic joints more flexible while pregnancy and strengthens your back and thigh muscles. Initially, you may find it difficult to do a full squat without support. So use a chair or a ledge to hold on to.

pregnancyKeeping your back straight, open out your legs and squat down. Keeping the feet turned out slightly, and heels flat on the ground, stretch your inner unsupported thighs by pressing outwards with your elbows.

Relaxation — Breathe Easy

It is important to earn how to relax physically and mentally in order to be able to cope with the fatigue and stress of pregnancy. Rest and relaxation are the key words. These are essentially linked with easy and deep breathing which also helps you during the painful conitractions of labour pains of pregnancy.

* How to Relax During Later Stages Of Pregnancy

Lie down comfortably supported, and breathe in and out naturally. Every time you exhale, sigh gently. Then A baby teaches you the glorious fun being live.

pregnancyGradually, tighten and let go of the muscles of the different parts of your body in a direction upwards starting from your toes. After 6-8 minutes, let your body loose, letting the heaviness and lethargy take over. As you get familiar with these exercises, you will be able to recognize tension in any part of your body, and gradually relax that area at will. You can relax while sitting in a comfortable, deep chair. Just remember to sit well back, with feet, thighs, back, neck and head fully supported. Proceed with each part of your body as you did when lying down, progressing in one direction.

* How to Rest Comfortably as the Pregnancy Advances Lie on your side with a pillow under your head and two under your upper knee.

The wonderful exercises during pregnancy makes the childbirth more enjoyable and comfortable.

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